TV Casting Solutions For Hotels

tv casting solutions for hotels

Screen casting is a technology that allows guests to display content from their mobile devices on TV screens for the ultimate in guest entertainment. It’s a simple and secure way for guests to easily watch the same content they enjoy at home on their own hotel TV without needing to log in or remember passwords.

Providing tv casting solutions for hotels for your hotel is a great way to improve guest satisfaction and increase revenue through higher guest retention, bookings and ratings. With this solution, guests can simply connect their device to your hotel’s WiFi network, then use their own device’s app to select what they want to watch on a larger screen in the comfort of their room.

Streamlining Entertainment: TV Casting Solutions for Hotels

Shane Pierce, VP of business development at Allbridge, believes that guests prefer this experience to inputting their personal login information into television apps on the hotel’s TVs. The survey he references, conducted by Hotel Internet Services, found that 65 percent of guests were highly or somewhat concerned about entering usernames and passwords into television applications at their hotels.

BeyondTV’s GuestCast is a screen casting technology that enables guests to seamlessly and securely stream content from thousands of popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon and more on their phone or tablet to the hotel TV. Once the TV is connected to your hotel’s Wi-Fi network, a welcome screen can be displayed that offers easy instructions to start streaming in minutes. Guests simply need to aim their device’s camera at the on-screen QR code, then select their desired app.

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