An award winning best Wedding Photographer

There are many different styles of wedding photography, but some couples prefer a more candid approach. Others prefer a more editorial style. Whatever style you choose, there are several award winning best wedding photographers who will ensure that your wedding is captured with beautiful and timeless images.

Chi-Chi Onungwa is a photographer based in New York. Her style is described as natural and honest. She creates timeless images that capture the mood of each wedding. A women’s fashion designer, Chi-Chi decided to pursue a career in photography and founded Chi-Chi Ari.

Valorie Darling is one of the most famous wedding photographers in the world. She has worked with celebrities, brands, and publications. Her clients love her for her ability to capture real moments of connection. She is passionate about the importance of making your wedding day a day to remember.

Jide Alakija is an editorial wedding photographer whose work has been featured in a number of publications. He has over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. In addition to editorial style, Jide also works with a documentary approach. His wedding photos have received awards and are widely sought after.

Logan Cole has been a professional photographer for over ten years. His work is inspired by many different avenues, including fashion and travel. His goal is to capture the story of each wedding as it unfolds. With an intuitive style and a keen eye for detail, he will capture the emotion of the moment.

The best wedding photographers will provide the right balance of editorial and documentary, while still allowing their clients to be a part of the day. This includes the ability to create an all-inclusive package. Many of the photographers listed below are available for full-service packages. These photographers are also able to offer videography.

Laura Murray has been shooting weddings since 2010. She was drawn to the subject because it enables her to capture the happy moments in a client’s life. After receiving a degree in theoretical mathematics, she decided to pursue a career in photography. When she started shooting, she fell in love with the process. Since then, she has embraced serendipity and the joy of being a wedding photographer.

Jacqui Cole is a London native who now lives in Florida. Her style is relaxed and she is known for her ability to read a room. From the first meeting to the end of the wedding weekend, her team will not miss the most important unscripted moments. Whether she is capturing the moment when a bride is looking into the eyes of her father for the first time, or the moment the couple dances in the moonlight, her photographs will have an evocative quality.

Sarah Falugo is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. She works with a limited amount of luxury weddings per year. She is drawn to creating a personalized, unique experience for each of her clients. Often described as a ‘documentarian’, Sarah prefers to photograph moments that are truly spontaneous.