Thermoplastic Playground Markings

thermoplastic playground markings

Thermoplastic playground markings are an effective and durable alternative to paint. They are skid-resistant, non-toxic and come in a range of colours. They can also be customised to suit specific design preferences and themes. They are a good choice for schools as they are visually appealing and allow pupils to learn through play. They require very little maintenance and can last upwards of a decade, making them a cost-efficient investment.

Before the thermoplastic playground markings is applied, the playground surface is cleaned and repaired to ensure that it is safe for children to use. Then, a special heating machine is used to heat the material until it becomes soft and pliable. This enables the design to be placed on the surface and bonded with the tarmac using heat. The thermoplastic marks are then left to cool and harden on the ground, with no bleeding or fading of colour.

Safety: Thermoplastic markings are skid-resistant and non-toxic, so they are safe for all ages. They are also resistant to weather conditions such as rain and snow, so they will continue to look vibrant and be visible even after heavy use.

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Educational: Many thermoplastic markings include numbers, which help children develop numeracy skills in a fun and interactive way. Other markings like hopscotch and activity trails encourage balance, dexterity and rule following, while caterpillars and snakes stimulate imaginative play.

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